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This is why our drummer uses Zildjian cymbals. 😀

First of all a quick thank you to everyone who was able to come to the gig at The Flapper last night. We were able to unveil a new song “the ninth plague” and from the reaction we got lets just say we’ll be playing it again. It’s always nice to try out new material and even better when it’s well received.

If you couldn’t make the gig last night we also announced that in the near future we may be back in the studio recording new material. Keep your eyes and ears peeled we will update you as and when this happens.

Thanks again folks, without support from our fans we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. And also thanks to the other bands too, Emissaries, Zero Wasters and False Pretence, you all played a blinder last night.

Well it’s a week away now folks. This time next week we will be on our way to sound check at The Flapper for our headline gig. We’ll be trying out new material too, new song “The Ninth Plague” will be unveiled.

There’s still time to buy tickets, just get in touch with us and we can sort out tickets. Alternatively you can pay on the door.

See you next week folks and don’t forget “Here comes the plague of darkness”


Don’t panic people, we know it’s been quiet in the OTG camp for a almost a couple of weeks now but we’re still here. In between people flying off to exotic locations for holiday, excess bank holiday drinking, getting new ink – have a guess who spent 2 hours yesterday getting the tattoo.

There’s no need to worry though, we will be back to it next week, putting the final touches to the set list ready for the Flapper gig on 12th June.


With less than a month until are next gig, we figured we’d better work out what we were going to play. So last night was the first run through of the potential set list for the gig at The Flapper on 12th June. Good news folks, and this is just are personal opinion, it sounds great. Some of the classic OTG songs a few newer ones you might not of heard and a brand new one you definitely will not have heard.

We’ve now got the tickets so just message us and we can get you some. It a whole pound cheaper than on the door at only a fiver. That might not be a pint in this day in age, but it all helps, you could spoil yourself get that bag of cheese and onion crisps.

See you at The Flapper.

The Band

the bands have been announced for the forthcoming gig on 12th June at the flapper. Next gig not too far away now. We’re in the studio tonight working on new material which we will be playing for the first time at the gig. Not one to be missed. Should be a good one.

click the link below to find out more about all the bands playing, ticket prices etc.