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Almost Time

Posted: 25/12/2015 in Blogging, News
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Well folks its almost time. We’ve spent this Autumn in the studio recording a new E.P., it’s now been mixed and mastered the track listing worked out, artwork done. Now just time for the cd duplication and then you’ll be able to get yours hands on one, or if you like your music more portable it should be available for download in the near future. You’ve not seen much of us in the last few months because of the time we’ve spent in the studio, so in case you missed us this is what we’ve been up to.

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All Done!! (well almost)

Posted: 19/10/2015 in News
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It it been a busy week this week, two days in the studio and all the backing vocal and guitars now recorded. Now for the mixing.

If you think it’s been quiet in the last couple of weeks it’s about to get much louder on Saturday when we go into the studio to record the guitar tracks to the drums we laid down the other week.¬†

To give you a little glimpse into what our world has been like recently here are a few pics from the other week. More news in the coming weeks as we get closer to getting the ep finished.

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T Minus 24 Hours

Posted: 19/09/2015 in News
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It’s almost time folks. This time tomorrow we will be setting up in the studio just ¬†about to record our new EP. Final preparations are now taking place. Guitars have already been re strung and drums have been tuned. Snacks and supplies to get us through the day such as energy drinks, chocolate bars and pot noodles have been purchased. Last minute practice perfecting those solos and drum fills is currently taking place also.

We’ll we’d better get back to practicing, no more time for blogging today.