Thats right folks this time tomorrow the first three bands of the night will have just finished playing and we’ll be preparing to go on stage. Doors open at 8pm first band on just after that. It promises to be a good night and one not to be missed.

In the mean time there have been other last minute preparations, programming of pedals, tweaking the setlist, reskinning and tuning of toms.


See you tomorrow folks.

Well it’s a week away now folks. This time next week we will be on our way to sound check at The Flapper for our headline gig. We’ll be trying out new material too, new song “The Ninth Plague” will be unveiled.

There’s still time to buy tickets, just get in touch with us and we can sort out tickets. Alternatively you can pay on the door.

See you next week folks and don’t forget “Here comes the plague of darkness”


Don’t panic people, we know it’s been quiet in the OTG camp for a almost a couple of weeks now but we’re still here. In between people flying off to exotic locations for holiday, excess bank holiday drinking, getting new ink – have a guess who spent 2 hours yesterday getting the tattoo.

There’s no need to worry though, we will be back to it next week, putting the final touches to the set list ready for the Flapper gig on 12th June.


With less than a month until are next gig, we figured we’d better work out what we were going to play. So last night was the first run through of the potential set list for the gig at The Flapper on 12th June. Good news folks, and this is just are personal opinion, it sounds great. Some of the classic OTG songs a few newer ones you might not of heard and a brand new one you definitely will not have heard.

We’ve now got the tickets so just message us and we can get you some. It a whole pound cheaper than on the door at only a fiver. That might not be a pint in this day in age, but it all helps, you could spoil yourself get that bag of cheese and onion crisps.

See you at The Flapper.

The Band

the bands have been announced for the forthcoming gig on 12th June at the flapper. Next gig not too far away now. We’re in the studio tonight working on new material which we will be playing for the first time at the gig. Not one to be missed. Should be a good one.

click the link below to find out more about all the bands playing, ticket prices etc.


We’ve been working on a new song for the last few weeks in the studio and I’m glad to report it is coming along nicely. With any luck it will be ready for our next gig in June at The Flapper. So if you want to hear the new song “ninth plague” come along to the next gig, you’ll also hear some of the classics too.

Hey all you OTG Fans, we have some amaze-balls news for you!!

We have a new gig coming up on June 26th 2014, at the O2 Academy 2 in Birmingham and we’re playing with …. wait for it … wait for it … HEAVEN & EARTH!! EPIC!!!!! This is going to be an amazing gig like no other and with a gig like this, it’s something that can not be missed!!

So if you want tickets, you can either go to our facebook page and message us, because that’s the way we roll or you can go to our events page on our website and fill in the form and our lead singer, Aaron (the one and only screamer of the band) will contact you to arrange pick up and payment! Now even more amaze-balls news … if you buy the tickets through us, it will only cost you £7 each ticket – OMG!! Now that’s a damn good price – don’t believe us, go to the O2 website and see what we mean!

Heaven & Earth Poster

Well in case you weren’t aware we had a massive gig on Tuesday. We supported Electric 6. This is the second time in two years we have done.

Last  year was awesome, this year was mega awesome. This time round we had more notice that we were support and managed to sell over 100 tickets so we played to a virtually sold out crowd. The buzz you get from playing to such a great crowd is indescribable. Needless to say two days after the gig and were still buzzing.

All in all it’s been an amazing year having played some great gigs at some great venues. The Shed in Leicester, The Flapper with Mitchel Emms (The Voice 2013), Headlining Emma Scott Presents gig at the Academy 3, and of course supporting Electric 6 at Academy 2.

More of the same next year hopefully.

Don’t worry folks. no one’s leaving the band. But we have got rid of the old website and updated it with a brand spanking new one. You can check it out at

In other news the gig at The Rainbow has been cancelled. But on the bright side we’ve managed to get slots at Actress & Bishop on 27th July, Baseline in Dudley on 30th August and The Shed in Leicester on September 28th. It’s like a mini tour of the Midlands. Hopefully by then we should have some new material to unveil. Watch this space.


Well it had been two months since the last gig so we thought it was about time we did another one, and what a gig it was. All week the weather had been hot and Saturday was no exception. This made for a really hot and sweaty stage performance, especially as it was our first headline show since Emma Scott’s gig in January, so playing for 50 minutes was the equivalent of a gym workout.

It’s always good to get a headline slot because it gives us chance show off more songs, and we do like to show off a little bit (we are musicians after all). The crowd was really into it last night which always helps with our performance too.

Thanks to everyone who made it out last night, and thanks to all the bands, Primer, Bullitstorm and Driven. Without all you people it would just be us playing to a soundman and a couple of bar staff and that just wouldn’t be much fun, now would it?!

Next gig is on 11th July at The Rainbow in Birmingham, and we’re looking forward to it already. We may even have some new material for you.